Monday, September 5, 2011

Reviewing Lessons in Sculpture and WebQuests

In my quest to develop a curriculum based around the enduring idea of identity I have been surfing the web for sculpture projects that would spring forth new ideas.  One site with a plethora of great art lesson plans is    Here are some of my favorites.

Each of these deals with the human form in some way.  The color symbolism page is not really a lesson plan but a definition page of what colors can symbolize in art.  This one led me to further inquiry about the meanings of different colors.  Which in turn led me to want to develop a web quest for my students for find the colors they would use for their relief portrait sculpture.  So with a little bit more inquiry I found a web site that shows how to do just that.

WebQuest Design Map lays out a formula for creating a web quest.  There are links here that lead to template designs that can be used in an HTML editor.
The student page is the template that the students would see and use for the WebQuest assignment.

I continued to explore and found that with all the WebQuest designing sites I had to know html or needed some sort of html editing program like dreamweaver to edit the templates for my own use.  Well, I don't know how or have the software.  After some frustration I realized that I could just follow their designs, with my own content and links in a work document and link it to my school web site for my students to use.  So that's what I'll do.

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