Sunday, September 11, 2011

Restarts and reflections

There comes a time when you just have to say "this just isn’t going to work at this point."  You put it away and go for plan “B”.  The thing is that I don’t often come up with plan “B” until I’m getting frustrated with plan “A”.  This is the point I’m at now with the relief portrait project for my 3D class.  After starting over for the 3rd time on my own example of a relief portrait in card board I came to realize that there are more variations or methods than the one that works best to be able to begin this project with my students. 

Now I go back the the project examples I found on line at

Instead of creating a Bas Riel Self Portrait, students will create a relief Indentity sculpture using their initials.  The artwork would be three layers, or more, and their relief would look something like I sketched below.
By changing the final product I will need to also change the artists I will present to the students.  I still will take their photo next class, but they will also have the opportunity to bring in several of their own pictures of friends and family as well.  Because their are 25 of them I will have their photos scanned if they are not digital while they are doing their investigation of color symbolism.

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