Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reflection on 3D Design Color Investigation

If what you say in your directions doesn’t cover variations or “what if” situations you may be in for many questions or lost students.  That is what happened to day with my lesson in 3D design class.  Today we went to the computer lab so students could investigate the symbolic meaning of their chosen color.  I thought I had explained the directions and written them on the assignment sheet clearly but apparently I did not.  Things I didn’t do/say at the onset of the assignment.

1.     Not every website will give you information for each category
2.     Not every website will have your specific color
3.     If you cannot find your specific color (like orange, lime green or teal) then you should investigate the root color. (like for orange – look at red and yellow)
4.     If you can’t find the answers on any of the listed websites, then do a web search to find the information from another site. Document that site.

Throughout the class period I found myself answering these questions for many individual students.  Had I addressed them in the beginning then maybe I would not have had so many confused students.  Sometimes you think you have it all figured out but then it’s not so clear to the students.  Another thing I should have done when these questions came up with the individual students is to ask them what they think they should do instead of telling them what they should do.  This would have given them the opportunity to figure it out for themselves.  

I learned today that I need to be more specific with my directions and guide a students to finding a solution instead of giving them the solution.  I went back and revamped the written directions so it’s better for next year. 

To view the updated Color Investigation Worksheet visit my website.  Click here to go to the Student/Teacher resource page.

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