Monday, January 2, 2012

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Nothing changes if nothing changes.  Let's be realistic.  Economics and politics go hand and hand with the position of WHAT or WHO holds the power in the public school systems.  At some point it became about keeping a job and putting butts in seats and not necessarily about what's in the best interest of the student.  But think a minute, didn't the most powerful revolutions (or positive changes in society) begin at the bottom.  The grass roots folks who said NO MORE?  The teachers in the trenches.

We know that learning is not linear.  Rather, organic like a tree.  Establish strong roots and then allow students to grow strong limbs to reach out spread.  When children are young and parents have to work to keep the fridge stocked and the roof secure not having to pay for all day child care helps economic security.  So kids go to school earlier and for longer times but is it that time well spent in standards driven structure?   This is a prime opportunity to plant roots.    Is this the place and time for government to support early learning?  If you have money and can afford it you can get your child into a program for early learning (play = research and development), but the majority of people no't have that kids of money.

Too much micro management stifles growth.  Our country is capitalistic to it's core.  Some say it's not necessarily a positive thing.  What if we allowed the schools to make alliances with private industry?  Would that be any better than government control?  What if private industry earned tax breaks, or credits, for the amount of money they put into a local school system?  Would industry have the foresight to equip schools with the tools to teach the new generations the skills needed to sustain an ever changing job market?  Or would they just dictate the skills they wanted their next batch of minions to have in order to make them more money?

I prefer to look on the sunny side and think that just maybe corporate money going directly to the schools instead of continuing to feed the red tape entwined pork that wades around big buildings in Washington looking for the next feeding barrel.  How many new great innovations came out of government mandated and funded programs?  How many great innovations, discoveries, technologies or advancements have come out of the private sector?  Haven't some things started out as an "innovation grant" from the government and then taken over and funded privately, often because of competition, then created faster and developed more for the betterment of the people?  Look at the pharmaceutical and technology companies.   What if the government planted the roots by granting the early learning (developmentally appropriate/learning through play)?  What if.......... 
Brainstorming  possibilities is how things get going.  There's a storm a brewing.

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