Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is my focus in Master's Research

Possible Master's Thesis Research Project
For the last year I have been learning how to write better curriculum, how to evaluate scholarly journal articles for their usefulness and validity, and increase my own core knowledge of arts and arts education.  Now is the time when I have to start focusing on how I will synthesize all  my newly formed knowledge and provide a document of proof that I am worthy of a master's degree in Art Education.  It's a daunting task that frankly is keeping me up at night.  With so many question of what, how, and why running rapidly through my conscious and subconscious, it's a wonder that I am able to function in my normal role of classroom teacher, wife and mother.

I have this big picture in my  head of creating a curriculum guide, more like a textbook if it could actually be good enough to publish, for high school arts that's based on the central theme of identity.  It would encompass the things that contribute to the formation of individual, and group, identity, how identity is expressed, and why it's important for teenagers to express their identity in a healthy way.  All of which could be learned in the art room.  Well, as the saying goes, "the Devil's in the details".  I've never been good at getting all the details ironed out.  (I wounder if this is why I also HATE to iron cloths.)  I'm good at big ideas, but not so good at all the steps it takes to make them come to life.

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