Sunday, August 28, 2011

Project 1 continued and other thoughts

Well now in VA we've had major brush fires spreading smoke all the way from the coast to Powhatan. We've had earthquakes. We've just gone through a hurricane and its tornados. What a week! Two days now without power. No internet or TV means the family actually has to spend time together. Research was put on hold but more work was done on projects samples.

After cutting and glueing many layers according to my grid drawing of the value sectioned face I realized that more needed to be added to make the sculpture more complete.
Lessons learned:
  • Students will use their basic grid drawing as the foundation for their sculpture creation, not as the only map of where to add levels of relief.
  • This project will take longer than originally expected. If it takes me more than 4 hours for construction, it will take my students longer. The good thing is that now that I have gone through all the steps (other than painting it) in art work planing and construction I can make a more realistic time line for this particular unit of study.
Multiple Layers build the face and hair.

I used the large grid drawing as a template for cutting the cardboard that I stacked and glued to form the various levels of relief.

Card board boxes are available from the cafeteria at school. Recycling at its best! Rubbing the back of the drawing works as a transfer medium so that the drawing can be transferred to cardboard for cutting.

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